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I am in love with another lady...

She understands me so well......

I shut the doors, shut the windows....

I switch on the AC, she looks up........

And then she rests her head on my shoulder.....

What a moment!!!

It was not that she was feeling sleepy.....

She played on bed for another 15 mins singing her own song with her own lyrics.......

And that sounded so sweet though unrecognizable and not understandable...

But I am talking about the moment,

When she looked up and rested her head on my shoulder.......

You tell me dear, what should I do now?

It may sound unfair, but you may not be on the top of the list any more.....

Uncle Sam shrugged, "Parental bonding is more solid than a God-devotee bonding and so they say, "Parents are God when House is a temple"." 



Why So..

For a long time, I have not been able to scribble anything here… However I have not stopped scribbling.. I am continuing at a private place, keeping to myself…


Many questions rise.. They grow like storm in a mid ocean, denying calming down… I get drowned in it.. I don’t try to rise up… Because it is beyond my control, beyond my capability…


I become tired.. I become sick… I close my eyes…


If life is so precious, why is it so vulnerable then?





Cost of Life…

What is the cost of life when you have family behind…

Life starts to laugh at me…

Poor chap..





A Passing Thought

Have been too busy to type, regular up-down between home town and here. Work has piled up on the desk. Some weekends in office, some weekends in train.. However…



“God is the greatest and the most intelligent engineer. He creates one tiny, perplexed, enduring system in another big, perplexed, enduring system connecting by a small thread.”

–A flashed thought while waiting outside the OT, 20:50:24, 05:05:2011.



Wife said with difficulty after discharged, “Logical minds don’t believe in God.”







Finally it happened after long 28 years (I was born then and now my child will be born, a coincidence!!!). But I have a question here.




Did Gautam or Virat or Yusuf FEEL the taste as Sachin did?




Obviously NOT.




I compare my small thought with this incident. I always admire the middle class. They have a wish, they have a desire, they long for it, may it be a flat or a car or bike or an expensive mobile or handycam. They have budget every month. They cut something. They save something. They WAIT for it. They STRUGGLE for it. The amount gets summed up. Then the husband goes for the jewelery for the wife or the wife goes for a Ray Ban glass as an anniversary gift for the husband. They find the HAPPINESS there. They have a cause to smile, to celebrate. It is unlike an upper class that doesn’t need to WAIT for something.




I feel, I don’t need more to explain.




I don’t say someone here is upper class or the other one is middle. I say about the wait, the longing for the wish and the happiness after it. Someone waited a whole 21 years to kiss it. And someone else just came and kissed it. Are they same?




The wife said, “The journey is sweeter than the ending.”







And It Happened...

  1. Months back when I had posted Changeling, I had mentioned, a time would come there would be auto complete in search bar in IMDB webpage and it happened today.


  1. I had predicted India would make a clear entry to final beating Aussies and Pakis. It happened eventually.


“What do you want to prove, that you’re an astrologer?” The wife retorted.

“No, not exactly. Some predictions that hit randomly.”

“Very funny, now tell me who is going to win the final.” She was in no mood to spare me.

“See, in finals, India have always disappointed us…..

“Stop…Stop, no need to say anything more.” And she left the room.





That Feeling...

It has been a long time I had posted a good blog as I have been more on Facebook and Twitter. Some of my adherent readers have been disappointed though. I have not blogged on Orhan Pamuk or Doris Lessing. Has my mind ceased to be creative with time? I have to check. Well, here I am going to narrate something that I have been feeling for last couple of weeks:


I remember:




It was exactly a decade before when I stepped into my grad school in first semester, the deputy director Mr. Ravi P. Reddy stride to the classroom and asked,




“Between Man and Woman, who is more important?”




Though the class remembered that it was the Dy. Director and silence must be maintained, in this question, the classroom burst into laughter with an answer, “Man!!!”




Then there was an utter snap from the dais, “Definitely not”.




And the classroom was stunned.




Then the answer complied, “Women can do anything that men can do but men can’t do that women can, i.e., they can’t carry. And for that one reason women are one step ahead than the men.”




Time and tide wait for none. But the lines got stuck in my brain cells.




And we decided to start our family soon. And on the bed many times the wife pulls my hand suddenly and yells, “Keep them here. Did you feel the movement?”




“Yes, the baby is moving.” I feel it and I just smile. I imagine the wife’s happiness. And I feel, “It must be a wonderful feeling when the baby plays around inside.”




And I recollect my college hood quotes, “How true!!!”




In the materialistic world, “My house, my car, my career” may wash away any moment. The likings for car or house or MBA may fade away with time. But the feeling of “My child” remains forever and ever. The love for child never fades.




I am not sure, “Love is Life” or “Life is Love”. Whatever it may be, Life is beautiful.



The wife is now yelling from kitchen, “Go and take your bath. Do you forget India Vs West Indies match starts at 2.30pm.” I have to leave.







Which Is Original?

I had this question in my mind before and not a new thing. On last Saturday (12th March), just after India’s defeat from South Africa, I posted on my Facebook wall at night 11.00pm:



“What a cycle!


South Africa were defeated by England. England were defeated by Ireland. Ireland were defeated by Bangladesh. Bangladesh were defeated by India and now India have been defeated by South Africa.


The cycle is complete now.”



I got numerous comments too.



And then on 16th March, the middle column of “The Times of India” read, “India beat Bangladesh, Bangladesh beat Ireland, Ireland beat England, England beat South Africa and South Africa beat India! What goes around, comes around. Some call it karma!” – Mandira Bedi.



What is this? I got furious.



It is just ctrl+c and ctrl-v. (Opposite direction)



The wife consoled, “It’s just a coincidence. As once you were saying Sujeet Bhai’s style matched with Gao Xingjian’s. It’s not that big thing to shout.”






Social Network

The wife and I have nothing in common and that make us fight in morning, evening and night. When it comes to movies, she is very particular for Hindi movies whereas I opt for English ones. So if there is “Black Swan” or “Social Network” is playing on the theatre, I just check how many tickets left in home internet. And the only option left for me to download the movie and clap. Well, you never find a good copy very soon, and for that you need to wait couple of months.


Well, enough boring background description, come to the point now…


I always have a philosophy that “Abnormal people are normal” and “Normal people are abnormal”. And I just got it confirmed in the movie. Unless and until you become mad for something and become passionate to achieve it, you stay hungry and spend sleepless nights. People say you have been abnormal. But when you achieve it and that comes in need for those people, they again start behaving you as a normal person and start rewarding you. So now you say, who is normal and who is abnormal?


Well, after the movie, I did a study of Mark Zuckerberg in Facebook. The thing I liked the most in the movie was the hunger, passion of Mark to accomplish the project. Well, though I can’t say that “Panic Room” is one of my favorite or memorable movies, I could find some brilliant piece there and I remembered the name “David Fincher”. And here he showed me again what he is capable of.


All the time I have been thinking why these world class directors have been unable to make a movie on IT base. Believe me, I have been waiting for a movie using the terms like, concept, programming, coding, hacking, server, domain, investment and all. And the movie was up to the level. I wonder at the point, how these directors research on a script before making a movie.


Good work David Fincher.


My rating: ***1/2


The wife said, “Now it is my turn. You have to join me for ‘7 Khoon Maaf’.”




A Day At Pune

For a long time, I have not checked into ‘travel’ tag and I have been thinking to put something into it though. So then there was an occasion to visit Pune on official purpose and the ‘travel’ tag began to smile.


The first point I noticed was the “Maharastra traffic police cap”. Yeah, it was like in movies. But in real, I felt really funny somehow.


The autos in Pune do not roar like that of Bangalore. Neither do they drive zigzag like Hyderabadi nor do bargain like the other two cities. You enter the auto and the meter starts.


The third point I felt that the city perhaps is very small. I have not checked its area in square kilometers in Wikipedia. I am also not sure. But I felt. You drive for 15-20 minutes and you are out of the city. Yes, it just took me 15-20 minutes from the city centre to IT park.


The traffic is not that big compared to Bangalore or Hyderabad. Today itself it took me 1.15hr in Hyderabad from Himayath Nagar to Banjara Hills (usual time is 15 mins). Are you asking about Banaglore traffic? That’s the only reason I am not interested to shift to Bangalore.


The tourist long buses so called Volvo, Mercedes etc start to flow in the city from the evening itself whereas it is strict not to enter in the city from 9am to 9pm in Hyderabad and Bangalore.


Before going to Pune, I had wished first to visit “German Bakery”. But to my disappointment, it had not yet started.


What else?


I know what you are thinking. But when you are in Pune, you find most of the girls on the road (walking or driving) wearing scarf and sunglasses. It’s high time to see a naked face.


The wife yelled, “Shut up!”





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